Forensic Economics | Economic Expert Witness Testimony
Forensic Economics is an independent economic and financial consulting firm providing and supporting expert witness testimony in the courtroom.
Expert witness testimony, expert consulting, damages expert, damages analysis, valuation, appraisals, securities fraud, market efficiency, lost profits
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Our Practice Areas

Since 1989, Forensic Economics has been recognized as a world-class independent consulting firm providing and supporting expert witness testimony. Our experts have testified in the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom on issues involving the following practice areas:

  • Valuation and Contested Mergers

    Appraisal and breach actions, especially in the Delaware Court of Chancery

  • Securities Litigation

    Market efficiency, materiality, loss causation, and damages for securities claims

  • Lost Profits

    Calculation of lost profits from contract and business disputes

  • Insider Trading

    High-profile civil and criminal actions involving allegations of insider trading

  • Other Practice Areas

    Investment mismanagement, transfer pricing, valuation of intellectual property, wrongful dismissal, and antitrust

Our Experience




Expert Reports





Expert Witnesses and Senior Staff

The expert witnesses and senior staff members at Forensic Economics specialize in financial and economic theory and its applications. All of our expert witnesses and senior staff members have at least a master’s degree in finance or economics, while several hold professional designations and have taught undergraduate or graduate-level courses in finance, economics, and mathematics.

Frank C. Torchio
James L. Canessa
Vice President
Gregg M. Edwards
Vice President
Kenneth N. Kotz
Vice President
Patrick C. Krenzer
Vice President
Sanjay Pansari
Vice President
Sunita Surana
Vice President
Gary Zimmermann
Consulting Economist

Our Track Record


in Class Action Settlements


in Contested Mergers

Outside Expert Witnesses

The outside expert witnesses consulted by Forensic Economics are academic leaders in finance and economics. Our independent outside expert witnesses are tenured professors at highly-ranked universities and are well published in their fields (see our Publications Archive).

Gregg A. Jarrell
Professor of Finance & Economics
University of Rochester
Michael Bradley
Professor of Finance & Law
Duke University
G. William Schwert
Professor of Finance & Statistics
University of Rochester
Clifford W. Smith
Professor of Finance & Economics
University of Rochester
Jerold B. Warner
Professor of Finance
University of Rochester

In The Press

Our Clients

In addition to the Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service,

Forensic Economics and its experts have been retained by over 200 of the country’s top law firms.

Forensic Economics, Inc.

In The News

Forensic Economics and its experts are regularly in the news as a result of their academic research and publications,

participation in conferences and expert panels, and most importantly, their clients’ successes

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Suite 303 Rochester,

New York 14618


(585) 385-7440


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Frank Torchio